Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is a Sanskrit phrase found in Hindu texts such as the Maha Upanishad, which means "the world is one family".

Warren Bennis, a leading guru on transformational leadership states in his book, "On Becoming a Leader", that  "Those who travel farther from home learn even more" (2009, p.84). I remember the first time I read Bennis's quote and had a revelation that this is the very undercurrent driving my sense of self into constant transformation. I am always hungry to learn from others and to not let difference I intimidate me. I left my small town home at the age of 18 to see the world - much I have seen and much more I have to l earn. This sojourn brings together my passion for communication (executive presence and gravitas), leadership, education, and culture.


Deeply embedded Asian cultural values say Respect Your Elders, Put Your Head Down and Work Hard, Don't Bring Shame To The Family, HUMILITY (Do Not Boast), Keep On Learning, Harmony - Be A Good Team Player, Don't Show Emotion... These values parallel, in fact, mirror my upbringing even though I am a White, American man who grew up in a humble setting. I found me when my life intersected with people living on the opposite side of the globe. Working with my Asian colleagues in the U.S. and Asia (from India, Japan, China, and more) solidified my passion to search and seek deeper understanding about individuality, leadership, human dynamics, life mission, and so much more.

After 18 trips to and fro to Southeast Asia (INDIA), four trips to Japan, and two trips to China, I have found my heart and soul in a land I call home. Places like Pune, Goa, Agra, Shanghai, Mumbai, Gurgaon India, Tokyo, and others resonated with me! Working and living among peoples from a land unlike America ignited something special, powerful, soulful, and real. A magic exists between me and my Asian Indian colleagues - something special that propels us all to the next level of being as people and leaders. Let the journey commence in new an continuous ways!!!


Leadership requires energy, and I have a lot of it to give and share in this journey to transformation!



Dr. Matthew A. Woolsey brings  a combination of experience in the professional services sector and higher education, leadership acumen with domestic and international teams, and theoretical grounding mixed with grit to the table. 

Dr. Matthew A. Woolsey is a certified professional coach, consultant, facilitator / trainer, author, and researcher (focus on Asian leadership) with expertise in the areas of communication (executive presence and content structure), leadership development, and building high performing teams (including cross-cultural teams).


His career spans the professional services sector (Learning & Development leader in management consulting), non-profit, and higher education bringing over 20 years of experience to each new challenge. The recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Broadcasting from Washington State University, Dr. Woolsey holds a bachelor’s in Communication (Broadcasting), a master’s in Education Administration, and a doctorate in Higher Education and Organizational Change. Dr. Woolsey has specialized expertise in Asian Indian leadership drawn from extended periods of time working in India combined with ethnographic research resulting in a dissertation and doctorate focused on Asian Indian leaders (see publications for more information).


Along the way his programs have received recognition by the Association of Professional Communication Consultants, Consulting.Com Magazine, and Experience.com. Dr. Woolsey is also an adjunct professor teaching courses in public speaking, critical thinking, and a senior capstone class on Society, Ethics, and Technology. The feedback he typically receives is something like, “contagious energy, passionate engagement, and creative solutions to complex issues.” In his spare time he enjoys playing the flute (classically trained musician), gardening, cooking, reading, and physical fitness.

The Transformational ENERGY Leadership Journey
Dr. Matthew Allen Woolsey