Dr. Matthew Allen Woolsey


Leaders actively set aside time to reflect, think, and process...AND are growth oriented. Coaching is one powerful avenue to make all those things happen by asking the questions to help one unlock the potential deep inside.

Transformational Energy Leadership is the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact, as well as your organization as a whole.


Leadership:  Leadership is how you interact with everyone, including yourself.  Leaders are quite visible within small and large businesses. We tend to think of them as business owners and CEOs and managers at various levels. Traditionally, leadership also extends into politics and other global affairs.  However, parents, therapists and health care providers, solopreneurs, sports coaches, consultants, mentors, partners in relationship, teachers, authors, and others who interact with people on a regular basis are all leaders. EVERYONE is a leader either by choice or default.


If you don't think of yourself as a leader, then you are limited in your thinking. Leading is the way we help move people, including ourselves, into action. The question is not whether or not we are leaders, but how well we lead.


Organization: Organizations are not limited to business.  All of the groups, teams, and people around you are organizations, too. It's the colleagues you work with and the family you go home to.  Your organization includes all those who are grouped within your many circles of influence. Each of us is a part of many organizations. 

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Coaching Packages

Energy Leadership Development System

  • One-time materials fee

  • Incorporate additional coaching

Energy Leadership Index (ELI)

  • One-time assessment fee and 1.5 hour complimentary session

Law of Being

  • Self -guided program

  • Supplement with personal coaching

Dr. Matthew Allen Woolsey