What does it take to get the right mix of people and the required transformational energy leadership to                                                                                                                         move your organization towards stellar results? Simple...

  • Focus with an inspirational vision

  • Clear mission statement

  • Articulated competencies to achieve results

  • Leadership guided by heart

  • Organization that removes barriers and provides support

  • Community that models the way

  • Courage to take risks

Need a leadership development path tailored to the needs of your organization? Assistance building out a competency model that                                                                       articulates the required Knowledge, Skills, and Characteristics for each position?  What does your development curriculum look like?


Whatever the need or challenge, there is always an answer. The secret is identifying the right problem (problem identification) before                                                                         solving it. Sound research methods combined with a grit of know-how (on-the-job practical experience) is what sets our consultative                                                                     services apart from others...

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Dr. Matthew Allen Woolsey